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Repatriation of the deceased from anywhere in the UK to any destination worldwide with Slaters International

Slaters International Repatriation of the Deceased from the UK to Destinations Worldwide

The UK is home to millions of foreign nationals who have migrated from each and every corner of the globe to settle and build their lives, families and careers here and whilst most will never return to live in their country of origin, when the time comes and the inevitable happens, many wish to be laid to rest in their homeland. There are also many instances where foreign workers, visitors and holiday makers unfortunately pass away whilst in the UK and need to be returned home to be reunited with their families.

Returning a loved one to their homeland to be reunited with their family and laid to rest may seem like a mammoth task with much bureaucracy and miles of red tape to deal with. You may have even read the many horror stories in the press and online regarding the high costs of Repatriation, where families have setup online fundraisers to attempt to meet the costs. Don’t worry, you’re in safe hands now you’ve found Slaters.

Why choose Slaters International for Repatriation?

Slaters International are at the forefront of the profession in International Repatriation of the deceased, offering a completely bespoke and specialised service to clients worldwide. Slaters offer a comprehensive Deceased Repatriation Service from anywhere in the UK, to any destination worldwide, boasting decades of experience and a complete understanding of local and foreign policy and requirements. They have excellent working relationships with Embassies and Consulates across the country and work closely with many airlines to secure preferential times and rates for flights for the deceased.

From Ireland to Australia and every country in between, Slaters have successfully arranged the safe repatriation of the deceased from the UK to locations across the globe, taking care of every aspect from the collection and care of the deceased, to supplying a suitable Coffin or Casket, obtaining the necessary permits from the Embassies or Consulates, arranging for a local church service and open casket viewing,  booking of the flight for the deceased, and the discrete conveyance of the Coffin to the airport of departure.

Talk to Slaters International for immediate support

For complete peace of mind be sure to contact Slaters International for assistance with Repatriation of the deceased worldwide. Talk to a Repatriation Specialist anytime to suit you - available 24 Hours a Day by telephone and online chat.