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Don't worry - we at Slaters International are prepared for the COVID-19 Coronavirus and are here to help you

How is the COVID-19 Coronavirus affecting Repatriation

Due to the widespread growth of the Coronavirus, there are many flights internationally now being cancelled, or placed onto a slim-lined schedule. Where certain countries have put bans on inbound flights, Repatriations to these destinations will inevitably be delayed considerably. Whilst there may be limited flights still available to many destinations, the shipping of freight to these countries may not be possible.

How are Slaters prepared for this?

We are providing all of our clients with the option for their loved one to remain in our care for up to three months with no additional charges made. This means that your loved one will be cared for within our state-of-the-art facilities until flights are available for them to be repatriated. Our Embalmer will also be at hand to tend to your loved one over the period if necessary.

What if your loved one died with Coronavirus?

In most circumstances, this won't be a problem. We can still carry out the full embalming process and issue a company Free from Infection Certificate, confirming that your loved ones body won't pose any risk to health, which will be accepted by most Consular Offices when issuing a permit for Repatriation.

Still concerned? Talk to one of our team now

If you're still concerned about arranging for your loved one to be repatriated, please contact one of our team at your convenience on 020 8560 4984, anytime day or night. We will provide you with advice based on your specific situation.